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Dustin Teske

You may be asking yourself, 'why should I listen to this guys' labor union recommendations'. Well, that's a good question so I'd like to take this opportunity to provide you with a brief introduction.

I was born in Northfield, Minnesota and moved to San Diego, California, when I was just five years old, with my mom, dad, brother and sister (I'm the eldest). Until recently retiring, my mom had been a preschool teacher at our church for twenty-seven years. Then my dad, who had been a cement truck driver for twenty-nine years, became a retired member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

My first, 'hands on' experience with labor unions began in 1997 when I became a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and continues today as a member of the Office and Professional Employees International Union. Throughout the years, I've participated in countless online labor campaigns, demonstrated in front of Walmart stores with members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and worked with several security officer unions, organizing new members. I've also successfully completed several labor studies courses and obtained an Associate's Degree from the National Labor College (NLC). My employment and educational experiences have instilled within me the importance of (and benefits associated with) a strong, engaged, and growing labor movement. The U.S. labor movement -our labor movement- continues to face challenges within each of these areas and I want to be part of the solution.

About My Philosophies and Values

According to the most recent data available (dated Friday, January 23, 2015), Union membership rate in the United States continues to decline. While the 14.6 million workers in America who are members of unions are a lot of people, they account for just 11.1% of the workforce. By increasing union density within the workforce, collectively, we can more positively affect working conditions. Conversely, were union density to continue its slide, working conditions will continue to deteriorate.

Did you know that Americans have recently taken the fewest amount of vacation time in over four decades! And that the wages of the lower income workers have essentially stagnated since 1973. During that same time frame, the incomes of the wealthiest 5% of American's saw their wages increase by 34% and the wealthiest 1% saw their share of global wealth rise to 48% and, as of 2015, they now own more than the other 99% of us combined. Walmart's ruling family alone, the Waltons, has more wealth than 42% of American families combined! Let's talk about the Waltons and Walmart...

"The Walton family is the richest family in the United States, with more wealth than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined. The Waltons' wealth comes from their inherited, controlling stake in Walmart. While Walmart workers live in poverty, the Waltons rake in billions every year from the company. And the Waltons just keep getting richer. Since 2007, while millions of Americans were having their homes confiscated and jobs eliminated, the fortune of the six Waltons on the Forbes 400 list has more than doubled to an astounding $148.8 billion.

The Waltons have these riches thanks to the hard work of their own employees and all of us taxpayers. Based on recent estimates, taxpayers subsidize Walmart as much as $3 billion per year. Instead of paying workers enough to survive, the Waltons take billions from Walmart every year, while driving their workers on to food stamps and other public assistance." (The Walton Family: America's New Robber Barons)

Walmart is not alone in its suppression of workers' wages and benefits; perhaps you work for a company that does too. But together, we can create change. Through my work and educational experiences, I've learned that working together through collective action is the most effective way to create a more equal system between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'. This is why, in 2005, I established UnionGuy.org.

The primary purpose of UnionGuy.org is to help bridge the communication gap between workers who are interested in joining a labor union and labor unions that are interested in organizing more workers into the labor movement.

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