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O.P.E.I.U. Local 30 Election Results (2014)

OPEIU Local 30 Election

During the general membership meeting on 07-24-2014, nominations were held for our union's offices. Incumbents for the following positions were unchallenged and became automatically re-elected:

CFO/ Executive Director: Walter Allen
President: Marianne Giordano
Vice President: Cathy Young
Recording Secretary: Cathy Engler
Arizona Executive Board: Linda Winters


O.P.E.I.U. Local 23's Successful Organizing Drive

OPEIU May 8th the NLRB held an election at Franke Toby Jones, the senior living community in Tacoma asking the 58 Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nursing Assistants and Certified Nursing Assistants whether or not they wished to be represented by OPEIU Local 23. The clinical staff at FTJ voted a resounding YES, with more than 80% margin.

"The clinical staff of Franke Toby Jones are very excited with the successful outcome of our vote to develop our union. We, as a team are looking forward to coming to the bargaining table with great ideas that will benefit FTJ as a whole, but most importantly, benefit our residents that we care for. We are eager for a new beginning of fair treatment with the support of OPEIU Local 23." Fran Fanene, LPN FTJ

"I am very excited about the overwhelming yes vote at FTJ. I am very proud of the solidarity that the Clinical Staff displayed, despite an aggressive anti-union campaign launched by management. Now the hard work of getting a fair contract begins. Local 23 is looking forward to helping the employees of FTJ build and strengthen their union." Allan Jacobson Business Manager OPEIU Local 23.

No One Likes a Tattle-Tale

Rat What are the primary challenges to our union? Member apathy seems to be the most significant issue. With greater member involvement, we could be more effective at the bargaining table.

On a related note, some members prefer to tell on their coworkers (union brothers and sisters), rather than talk to them! Recently, I learned that a fellow Steward's advice to a member was to 'tell the union' about the behavior of a fellow member. Her advice is wrong in several ways; first, you'd tell the boss in order to get someone in trouble (not the union). But, more importantly, instead of advising a member to tell on another member, first encourage the member to talk to his/her coworker. Unless there's a specific reason that talking with a coworker would be unhelpful to the situation, you should always attempt to afford them the opportunity to address and correct the issue.

OPEIU/KP Contract Ratified: 389 (YES) to 11 (NO)

OPEIU Local 30 Negotiations "Dear Member(s),

The contract ratification vote took place last week. The agreement was ratified overwhelmingly by members at the California Service Center (CSC) and Kaiser San Diego. We are now waiting to hear from the other unions of the Coalition, so far everyone has ratified it.

In unity,
Walter Allen Jr"

OPEIU/KP 2012 Negotiations to Begin

OPEIU Local 30 Negotiations Our National Agreement with KP expires September 30th, 2013 and our Union is beginning preparations for the upcoming bargain for a new contract. Our Union held the first of several, "Town Hall Meetings" on January 4th, 2012. Issues regarding the upcoming negotiations were discussed and Members were encouraged to attend. Additionally, the Coalition of KP Unions has created a survey in which Union Members may rate the importance of various bargaining issues. In order to have your voice heard, I suggest attending one of the union's town hall meetings and/or sending an email to the Union office with your comments in regards to new contract questions, concerns and/or suggestions.

Supplemental Information:

LMP Bargaining 2012

Are You Leaving 'Free' Money on the Table?!

401k While reading this article on Yahoo news, I thought this may be a good opportunity to remind Kaiser Workers about the 1.25% matching 401(k) contribution they're missing out on, if they're not contributing at least 2% into their 401(k). If this is you, call KP's investment service company, Vanguard, now.

Example: A KP Worker, earning $50,000 per year, who is not making a 2% minimum contribution into his/her KP 401(k) account, is losing out, every year, on a free $625 that KP would deposit into his/her 401(k) account!

You Deserve Better - Join a Union

White Collar Union

OPEIU This is the story of the struggle of America's most important office, clerical and professional white collar Union. It is still one of the country's youngest Unions, having received it's charter from the American Federation of Labor in 1945. It has grown, since it's inception to over 100,000 Members strong, larger in size than two-thirds of the national's labor organizations. To reach this point, it had to fight to overcome the hesitancy of white collar workers to join Labor Unions, the opposition of determined employers, and even the mixed reactions within the ranks of organized labor itself.

Although this book was first published more than 35 years ago and sometimes reads as though it was written by an attorney (because it was written by an attorney), it's still a worthwhile read with plenty to teach. It's an adventure through the conception, inception and journey of the Members of our Union. And you'll come to admire and appreciate some of our Union's early visionaries such as Harry Beech, George Firth, Mollie Levitas and Howard Coughlin.
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