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Dumbass Trump

Seriously, you're not really going to get your information regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic from someone with absolutely no medical training, doesn't believe in science, and is dumb enough to stare at the sun with his naked eye during a solar eclipse, are you? Not only is the Fake News that Trump has spread throughout the progression of the Conorvirus Pandemic irresponsible and indefensible, it's also deadly. Instead, trust the FACTS provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Our Mission

The central purpose of UnionGuy is to connect workers who are interested in joining a labor union with unions that are interested in organizing new members.

Union Advantage

Union Membership Gives Strength in Numbers:
All workers benefit from unions, because unions set pay standards and workplace protections.
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Labor Leader Testimonials

"Thank you for the referral and for the service you provide."

Michael Davis
Staff Representative
District 2-13 of the Communication Workers of America

"Thanks for the organizing lead. I will contact her and see what is going on at her workplace and how having USW representation can improve their work life."

Ted Sautter
Organizing Director
District 7 of the United Steelworkers of America

"I am definitely interested in representing anybody who needs it, and wants it. I strongly believe that this is their right and I'm very passionate about what I do."

Ryan Soon
Federal Police Officers of Hawai'i and Affiliates

"Thank you for the referral. We will keep you appraised of the progress made in organizing this group. When we are successful gaining representation for the workers at xxxxx we will contact you in order to express our appreciation."

Bobby W. Reed
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Local 9 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

"Good to hear from you sir... please have xxxxx contact me at the Illinois State Lodge at his convenience and I will be glad to assist him in whatever way I can. you are welcome to contact me at anytime."

Chris Southwood
Illinois State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police

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